Earlier this week, we were jazzed about the Little Black Dress as a prop for a super-sexy photographic statement. That’s not the only thing you can pull from your (or his) closet to make for a shoot that’s uniquely you. Today we’re talking a menswear staple that has also become a woman’s wardrobe go-to: The White Shirt. Crisp, clean, and timeless, it’s a piece that is known simultaneously for its professionalism, versatility, and out-and-out sex appeal. With a fitted pencil skirt, you dominate the boardroom. Worn by itself, a bauble or two, or his tie, you dominate the bedroom.

We love the photo above—small accessories and tall heels that lengthen the leg and provide a little color pop! It’s sexy, but not overly revealing and feels like a look inside a brief moment. Get out your paper fan for the photo above! Here’s where the borrowed from the boys really comes into play. One thought: You can certainly bring his shirt to the shoot and wear it, but depending on your size, your shirt will fit you better (and look more flattering) on camera. Add his tie, his cuff links or a spritz of his cologne to channel him  and bring out that truly cool masculine-feminine mix. We just love this last photo. It looks like a painting, right? The line of her back, her dainty hands, the polish on the heel. It’s so classy and beautiful. Sometimes we say, if we had photos of our grandmothers like this, we would frame and hang them as art in our homes. All of our Blush Bombshells are works of art.