Bombshell Testimonial | Ms. A

Believe in Yourself & Just Do It!

What should people who are thinking about doing a shoot know?

Just do it! Don’t think too hard. That’s one thing I did, I initially complicated everything and was stressing. But you need to go in with an open mind because Katie & Jeannette are the professionals who will give you all of the information you need for a successful boudoir session. They send tons of helpful information prior to the shoot, so be sure to read it and you will have nothing to worry about. Read all of the info they send prior to your boudoir session and follow the guidance. Then it won’t be stressful at all!

Trust the professionals!


How do you feel before the session?

When I booked I was super excited and I had few expectations except to have a fun experience. I did get a little stressed out while I was shopping because I’m still working on relationship with my body and didn’t feel completely great about all of my outfits but I pushed forward and bought some fun outfits anyway.

The day of the session I got excited again and went in with a “let’s see what happens attitude”. I figured, what’s the worst that can happen? I get my hair & makeup done and I might end up liking one photo. I was excited to see what the outcome would be.

A bonus was that I was also hosting a party at my home the night of my session so I was excited to have my professional makeup & hair done. I even went and got a new passport photo after my session to take advantage of looking so great!

Boudoir Photographers Minnesota

How did you feel during the session?

I had so much fun! I laughed so much, and I had a friend come with so it was fun to share the experience with her. It was like I had my own personal Kris Jenner!

Katie & Jeannette were so great to work with, and made me feel so relaxed. Once I was in the session I knew I would love the pictures because they made me feel so comfortable and I had a blast.


“Having a boudoir session made me realize I’m a f*cking bad-ass babe! I didn’t feel that way before. It made me realize I am so hard on myself and I need to stop. My photos are so gorgeous, I almost started crying when I saw them.”

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Did the session make you see yourself or think of yourself differently?

It made me realize I’m a f*cking bad-ass babe! I didn’t feel that way before. It made me realize I am so hard on myself and I need to stop. My photos are so gorgeous, I almost started crying when I saw them. I’ve never felt so pretty in pictures before. So that was really exciting to see that. I have shown several people my photos and some have even told me I should start modeling! 

The session really changed how I view myself. I’m working on my relationship with myself and with my body, and it definitely helped that. The photos turned out so beautiful and it boosted my confidence & self esteem more than I could’ve imagined. I’ve never felt more beautiful – I want to print them large and hang them in my house!


What was your motivation for doing the shoot?

Honestly, it was to get a photo for a Christmas card! I’m single, and I’m in my 30s, and I was tired of getting Christmas cards from people with families and not having one of my own to send out. I initially wanted something fun to send out as a joke – but it is what motivated me to book the shoot!

I used one of my favorite photos from the session on my card. It is what I call my “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader” pose. I brought my jean jacket and a leopard print bralette but wasn’t thinking of pairing them together.  But we decided to do a few photos with the items paired together and they are some of my faves!

Minneapolis MN Boudoir Photographers


Is there anything else you want people to know that may be considering a shoot?

Believe in yourself, as cliche as that may sound. I know it can be scary to do and once you book  there may even be moments where you think “what did I get myself into?” But go in with an open mind because you’re going to get amazing results that you won’t even fathom how great they are. Katie & Jeannette are not going to let people look silly in photos. When I have a bad day I go back and look at my album and remember how awesome I am! 

Believe in yourself and don’t think too hard!!

Thank you Ms. A for sharing your experience with us and our readers!! We are in love with your photos!