Displaying Your Photos on the Wall

Legacy Artwork from Your Boudoir Session

Imagine having a gorgeous wall portrait of your grandmother when she was younger, where she appears happy, relaxed, and confident.  It would likely be something you would cherish, right? And you’d likely be proud to display it in your home.  

That is why we feel wall art is so important. Not only do our clients get to enjoy the portrait of themselves ona daily basis, it also becomes a legacy piece for you to pass down to future generations!

While our albums are definitely our most popular product, wall art is an up-and-coming way for women to enjoy their photos. It is no longer considered vain to display a photo of yourself on the wall, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Our clients are typically thrilled with their photos and want to display them proudly.


Where to hang your wall art

Many of our clients choose to put their wall art in their bedroom or master bathroom where it is in a more private area of the home. Some have even chosen to hang it in their master closet so it’s concealed from guests but they get to see it every day when they get dressed. One of our creative clients hung it behind her husband’s shirts so he would see it every time he picked out his clothes for the day!

We have even had some clients display wall art in their living rooms or entertainment areas, it is all up to your personal preference! We’d love to hear where you have displayed your wall art!

What if I don’t want photos of me in my underwear on the wall?

We understand that not everybody feels comfortable displaying photos of themselves in lingerie on their walls. That’s why we typically take several photos during your session that are more modest. Many clients bring their favorite sexy dress which is a great option for some wall art! We also take several abstract/faceless photos that would be great on the wall.

How to Create your Wall Art

All of our image collections now contain a credit that can be applied towards wall art – simply for the reason that we want you display your photos proudly! We offer modern metal prints (works great in a bathroom) and traditional canvas.  Custom framing is also available. 

If you’ve already had a session with us, contact us if you’d like to set up a virtual consultation to pick out your wall art. We even have software that can show you how it would look in your home so you know you are selecting the perfect pieces for your space!

Our favorite reasons to display your photos on the wall

  1. A daily reminder that you are beautiful, powerful, and worthy of love from yourself and others.
  2. A photo of yourself when you were feeling happy & confident can boost your mood on those not-so-great days
  3. Create some beautiful, one of kind art for your walls that will become a treasured family heirloom