What to Wear to Your Boudoir Session

The Ultimate List

Not sure what you should wear for your boudoir session? We are here to help! This is a long detailed blog post with lots of information – you may want to bookmark it so you can reference it often when prepping for your shoot!

Over the years we have photographed many different outfits and styles. We have put together this comprehensive blog post based on years of experience with photographing different styles of lingerie. 

Just like anything, these are just ideas and if you have outfits that you absolutely love please bring them even if they are on the “avoid” list! We always make exceptions but if something really doesn’t work well in photos we will be honest with you.

General Outfit Info

  • We recommend that you bring at least 3-5 outfit choices with you. More than that is definitely ok! We will shoot at least three looks, however, it is awesome to have options! Sometimes we can shoot an extra outfit or two if there is enough time or if we only need to get a few photos in it. If you are unsure how something will photograph, we encourage you to bring it and we can help you choose the best outfits that will look great on camera.
  • Bring a variety or types of outfits (not all bra and panty sets).
  • Please carefully pack your lingerie and hang any shirts/dresses/robes to avoid wrinkles. If you are bringing a dress shirt please make sure it is clean & pressed.
  • If you enjoy jewelry/accessories be sure to bring some!   We do have some necklaces in the studio that you are welcome to use. Some people aren’t big jewelry wearers and that’s fine, too. 
  • Scarves, hats, or other accessories can be a fun addition in your photos if they represent you and your style.
  • Bring a variety of colors. Colors like navy or deep blue, emerald, dark teal, dark or dusty pink, ruby red and maroon photograph well. A classic black or white outfit is always a good option. You know what colors you look best in, so stick with those!

Colors to avoid: anything neon, really bright/hot pinks or reds. Although they can be fun, these colors do not photograph or print well.


Bodysuits look great in photos and you can find some great ones on Amazon or at H&M and Forever 21! Bodysuits look great on everybody, but if you are self conscious about your stomach these can be a great choice!


Bikini style underwear typically photograph well. Thongs can work too, especially if they have a wider lace band at the top.

We always take a few butt shots and the absolute best style of underwear for these photos are the cheeky, lacy and/or sheer type. You can find these at most places that sell lingerie but some of our favorites can be found at places like Target or Torrid.

Please be sure to bring a pair of underwear for each outfit you plan to wear.


Underwear to avoid: Hipster or boyshorts, or solid full coverage bottoms. Solid cotton underwear typically do not photograph well.

Bra & Panty Sets

Of course traditional bra & panty sets are always popular and look great in photos! Be sure you bring a coordinating pair of underwear for each bra that you’d like to be photographed in. 

More ideas for non-traditional outfits

You can bring more than just lingerie! Some great options include t-shirts worn with lace panties, off the shoulder sweater or a cardigan or a sexy dress! Below are some examples to give you some ideas of things that look great in photos!

Everyday Clothing

Do you have a signature piece of clothing that you love? Bring it along and we will see if we can incorporate it!  Off the shoulder sweaters, cardigans, flannel shirts, and jean jackets are some ideas of everyday clothing that can become flirty and sexy with the right styling!

Sports Themes

Do you or your significant other like a sports team? If so, bring a jersey or t-shirt. Large bulky jerseys can be unflattering, so try to find something that fits you well. Props like footballs, baseball bats, golf clubs can all be fun to incorporate, too!

Sexy Dress

Do you have a dress that you feel flirty and fabulous in? Bring it a long! It can be fun to do a few photos in your favorite little black dress, or dress of any color for that matter!  This is a great way to get some sexy photos in your favorite dress!

Fun Props

Props can add a personal touch to the photos! Things that represent your hobbies or special momentos from trips or experiences can be fun to incorporate into your photos!

Sexy Robe

A robe can be a nice addition in the photos and can also be handy for wearing between outfits.  Robes can be worn with nothing underneath or over a piece of lingerie. We especially like robes that have lace or sheer arms as they add some texture and detail to the photos.

Dress Shirts

A dress shirt (white or solid color button down) or a flannel worn with a pair of sexy underwear can be a nice outfit option. Shirts are great because they leave a little more to the imaginiation.  If you bring a dress shirt please make sure they are clean and wrinkle free!

Bridal Theme

If you’re doing a bridal or anniversary shoot, bring your bridal lingerie, jewelry, veil, robe, and/or shoes. This is a great way to document the things that may not be photographed on your wedding day!

Professional Wear

That blazer that makes you feel bad-ass and powerful can make the perfect outfit for your boudoir photos! Wear it with a lace cami or even topless with a statement necklace. And then smile the next time you wear it to work.

Outfits to Avoid

  • “Babydoll lingerie” or anything with an empire waist.  This will often look like maternity wear in photographs. If you already own some feel free to bring them so we can see if they will work.
  • Corsets are difficult to put on, and don’t always photograph well. If you love this style of lingerie bring it along – however, sweetheart necklines are the best option vs. a straight neckline.
  • Garter belts & stockings visually cut the thigh and do not photograph well. They tend to make legs look shorter than they are.


The higher/skinnier the heel, the better. The right heel can actually lengthen your legs. We recommend at least one pair of black and/or a pair in a neutral color. You will not have to walk much in the heels you bring, but you may have to stand in them for some poses.

Colored heels can be fun in a few of the photos. If you have some that match your outfits feel free to bring them!

We have had clients wear tall boots and they can work well, too! As always, shoes but aren’t sure how it will photograph please bring them along and we will see how they work!

Please note: We do have a small selection of shoes in our studio for clients to use. If heels aren’t something you wear normally please don’t feel like you have to buy any just for the photo session, you are welcome to use ours! We currently have shoes in sizes 6-13.

Shoes to Avoid

  • AVOID shoes with low heels or lots of straps. They will make your legs look shorter. You will see the bottom of your heels in some pictures, so if they are old/worn, you will be able to tell. 
  • Avoid wedge sandals.

See more outfit inspiration on our blog! 

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