Believe it or not, we here at Blush believe that leaving something to the imagination is just as sexy—if not sexier—than dressing the whole package in froth and lace. Are we right or are we right?

What should be one of the best parts of planning your Blush Boudoir session —the wardrobe!—can lead to some anxiety. There are a lot of options! And then getting in front of the camera: What will look good on camera? How much is too much? Can I really pull off that little red number? How much gym time can I log before the big day?

Stop with all of that. Seriously. Just stop. Confidence is sexy. We believe you look beautiful today, no matter what. And you will look beautiful on your shoot day, too.

We encourage you to think past the usual for a shoot that is truly memorable and, most importantly, you.

Which brings us to the Little Black Dress. We’ve all got one. There’s a reason it hangs in every woman’s closet. It’s the most versatile piece in the arsenal. But one thing remains the same year after year: The LBD is sexy. Way sexy. Whether paired with some marabou bedroom slippers, sky-high stilettos, or bare feet and a string of pearls. The options are essentially endless.

While we certainly believe more CAN be more—and why not go all-out? Life is short!—we also believe that simple is super-sexy. So yes, bring your lingerie. Bring your sweet nothings. Your slinkiest, sexiest best. And consider: The Little Black Dress.