Refund Policy & Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is your refund policy on your session fee?
A) Once you have submitted your deposit, there are no refunds. Your session may be rescheduled one time and must be within 12 months of the original scheduled session date. If your request to reschedule the session is made with less than 4 days notice before your scheduled session, a new deposit will be required to reserve the session.  We do understand that unavoidable situations arise, so please contact us asap if changes need to be made to your session date or time.   

Q) Who does a Blush Session?
A) We photograph women of all ages, all body types, and in all professions. We photograph brides-to-be, women celebrating milestone birthdays or anniversaries, women giving it as a gift to their spouses, or women doing it completely for themselves.  The majority of our clients have had babies. Almost everybody is nervous before their session and that is totally natural. We understand that this is not something you do every day! But our goal is to make you comfortable and most importantly allow you to have fun and feel SEXY!

Q) Do you retouch my photos?
A) Yes, any photos that you choose for your album and/or other products are fully retouched to your specifications. We never make you look like someone else, however, we talk with you during your proofing session about how much retouching you’d like done. We believe retouching should enhance the photo and not make you look like someone else.

Q) What should I bring to my session?
A) Bring lingerie, sexy dresses, and anything that makes you feel fabulous! We always recommend at least one colorful outfit as they photograph well. Also bring tall shoes, jewelry, accessories, hats, scarves….it’s fun to have stuff to play with! We most likely won’t use everything you bring, but it’s good to have options to choose from. On average, we are able to photograph 5-7 different looks.

Q) What should I do to prep for my session?
A) Nicely manicured nails always look great in photos! Use skin lotion all over your body the day before and the morning of your session. Be sure to get your elbows and knees. It makes a big difference in the photos! Upon booking your session, we will send out a more detailed list of tips for preparing for your session.


“I’ve never felt so confident and sexy! They both made me feel GORGEOUS the entire time.” ~Ms. P.


Q) When should I schedule my session?
A) Ideally, we would like to have a minimum of  3 weeks between the time you do your session and when you need your products. Please let us know if there is a date you need your products by at the time of booking.

Q) Do you offer hair and makeup?
A) Yes, our session fee includes complimentary hair & makeup artistry.

Q) Where are the sessions held?
A) In our private Minneapolis studio.

Q) How do we order our photos?
A) We show you your portraits in person about an hour after your session. Getting to see your photos on the same day is part of the fun!

Q) Do you use my photos on online?
A) We would love to use your photos on our blog, facebook page, or for other promotional materials. However, our clients’ privacy is our utmost priority and we will not share anything you are not comfortable with and names are never used.

Q) I saw an image online or in a magazine that I’d like to recreate, can I bring it?
A) Yes! However, before we try to recreate a pose, we will do all of the poses we typically create for our clients. We know these poses and are confident they will be flattering.

Q) Do you do couples boudoir?
A) At this time we do not photograph couples.


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