Well, hello there, lovelies!

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for some T&A. That’s right: Tips & Advice.

When you decide to do a boudoir shoot, lots of questions might leap to mind. You might be planning your wardrobing choices. Maybe you’re thinking about hair and makeup. Maybe it’s how you might be keeping it a surprise from a very lucky recipient. So, each Tuesday we’ll be here to help you collect up all the details so that you don’t miss a thing—and don’t feel overwhelmed.

Let’s talk about the image in this post and why it works so well.

1. She’s wearing a beautiful, simple outfit that flatters.

2. Her accessories add, rather than distract from the shot. Pearls on white? Can’t go wrong.

3. Gray and white: A soothing, sophisticated combo.

But what really adds a wow factor is something you might not think about when you first start prepping for your session: Her nails.

Shots are often very detail oriented or close up. And your hands are a big part of that set-up: If you’re a bride we may want to make sure we get a shot of that stunning sparkler on your finger.  Or, in this case, she’s clutching her pearls. And the one big *pop* on the page, color-wise? Red nails.

Red nails are sexy. They’re sophisticated. They might signal you’ve put a little more time into yourself—which is a lovely respite, and might also make someone think you’ve been thinking of them. Know what we’re sayin’?

A manicure can go a long way in taking a photo from good to great. We recommend a gel manicure for longer lasting effect. A good gel manicure can last more than 2 weeks!

Maybe red’s not your thing? Something bright or bold can be sexy—but so can the barely-see-it ballet-slipper pink. Neutral colors also work great in photos.

So there you have it: your polish primer for today—a little detail that can go a long way.